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However, it is up to residents to decide when they wish to walk door-to-door in their neighborhoods. Bedenbaugh said locals should "follow the standard" and check to see if the neighborhood has porch lights on, as an indication of whether they are participating in trick-or-treating on Sunday. Other events include a Fall Fest Celebration from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 30, at Lakeside Baptist Church, 4280 Jefferson Davis Highway, Beech Island; and a drive-thru Trunk or Treat from 6 to 9 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 31, at Central Baptist Church on Wire Road. The city and Aiken Public Safety have released safety tips for children and adults leading up to the holiday.

Bucks sign general manager Jon Horst to contract extension MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- Following the team's first NBA championship in 50 years, Bucks ownership wasted no time securing the general manager who built the team. According to a news release from team spokesperson Eric Kohlbeck, GM Jon Horst signed a multi-year contract extension Friday. The team did not specify how long the contract was for or the compensation Horst will receive. “I am blessed and excited to continue with the Bucks,” Horst said in the release. “Thank you to Marc, Wes and Jamie for your continued confidence and trust in me and for giving us the resources to be successful. On Horst's watch, the Bucks have transformed into a perennial contender. Over the last three seasons, Milwaukee has the best regular-season record (162-65) and the most playoff wins (31) in the NBA.

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South Africa is expanding its international postal services – but watch out for taxes The South African Post Office has announced expanded services as lockdown and travel restrictions around the country ease. The postal service said it will now offer international mail service to 46 destinations through both road transport and airmail. “Customers should remember to include their cell phone number with their address details so that the delivering Post Office can send them an SMS when the item is ready for collection,” it said. “Customers who are expecting an international item are requested to collect the item from their local Post Office when they receive an SMS asking them to do so.” International items are delivered within an average of 10 workdays. For quicker service, the recommended site Post Office also offers the EMS service, which delivers items within 24 hours of arrival in the destination country, it said. The expanded list of countries is as follows: While South Africans can once again order and receive parcels from several international countries, they should be cautious of any additional taxes that they occur. Under current regulations, South Africans are entitled to two tax-free gifts from abroad per year, provided the value of each gift is below R1,400. “Should the value of the parcel exceed R1,400, customs charges will be paid on the total price actually paid for the item,” SARS said. “On gift parcels where the contents are intended for more than one person and the total declared is more than R1,400, customs charges will be paid by the recipients as the rebate cannot be split and the gifts cannot be article linked to people other than the recipient.” The South African Post Office has also advised customers who send parcels abroad to pack the items securely and use padding, as the mail is transported as bulk freight.  International packages can be tracked all the way to delivery, it said.

The high court has agreed to hear the federal government’s argument that “Montgomery fails the three-part test for Aboriginality, despite being recognized by Mununjali elders as such,” according to The Saturday Paper. This allows them to relitigate Love and Thoms, writes Karp. Montgomery was born in 1981 in New Zealand before coming to Australia in 1997, where he lived with his mother and stepfather. The commonwealth has acknowledged that when he lived with an aboriginal family from 1998 to 2006, he was “treated as a member of that family.” Now, a year and a half since the opinion on Love and Thoms was rendered, there’s “a significant possibility that the decision could be overturned in the event of a challenge,” according to a study by Amanda Stoker, the current assistant attorney general. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. The three dissenting judges in the Love and Thoms case — chief justice Susan Kiefel and justices Stephen Gageler and Patrick Keane — are now the court’s most senior judges. Two of the four judges who voted in the majority have since retired and been replaced. According to the commonwealth’s submission obtained by the Guardian, immigration minister Alex Hawke and home affairs minister Karen Andrews are taking leave “to the extent necessary, to argue that Love was wrongly decided.” Montgomery’s legal team noted the case, which is to be heard in federal court on Oct. 27 and 28, concerns a non-constitutional question, raising the issue of whether hearing it in High Court is “premature or unnecessary, posing a constitutional question that may not otherwise be necessary to answer.” This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.